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What if your E.D is just LOW T?

We are many things but at the end of the day, when it comes to a Man’s hormone health, generally speaking when it comes down to the brass tax of more testosterone and less estrogen, today’s toxic environment causes us to act like sieves leaking manliness down the drain. As you watch our video’s and read our content, like these tip’s tool’s & technique’s we offer here, realize that it’s important to stay abreast of cutting edge content like that found in other video’s & podcast’s on this channel. In other video’s, articles, podcast’s and webinars that we will link below, we will be giving valuable content – like that fact that we’ll be going into more detail about other hormones like cortisol, insulin, and thyroid levels. These hormones and other bio–chemical mediators interact in complex manners among both men and women and as a broad overview, remember that, Western Civilization subscribes to the idea that it’s androgen groups make men – manly and estrogen groups promote those effeminate traits a man wants to avoid.
Realize that for the most part, in both men and women – testosterone levels can decrease with age. As that’s happening, a whole host of man-horrors occur – like: Loss of libido, fat accumulation, Erectile Dysfunction, loss of motivation & much, much more. Those de facto disease states are COMMON presentations in an aging populous of men, but the velocity and intensity of these disease states, like Low T are not NORMAL.
Now just stop for a second… really think about this: There appears to be a species-wide decrease of manliness in general and testosterone specifically in all men across the globe over the last several decades. Ask yourself brother, as you gaze across the landscape of the men of today’s world, juxtapose the presentation of yesterday’s rugged individual with the hipster effeminate, androgynous man child of today. Friend’s, Roman’s, Countrymen… we used to subscribe to the idea of the Hunter-Warrior, today… it’s more like the “friend-zone follower. WE… as American Men, need to subscribe to this idea that it’s critical we maintain appropriate levels of optimal hormones in general and testosterone specifically. Remember that, the American Man is the last line of defense for Western Civilization – take a stand, draw your line in the sand.
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