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The P-Shot

Good news buddy: You live in the miracle of the 21st Century.

In the 21st century, Health, Science & Medicine has enjoyed more advancement in its first 15 years than all of human history. In fact, the past few years have brought an avalanche of not only Medical advancement – like the P-Shot – but also an ocean of sound scientific data with regards to just how mission critical the INTERCONECTIVNESS of your body’s SYSTEMS… your various “parts & pieces” are. It’s true, valuable medicines like Viagra, Cialis & Levitra address “chemical” dysfunction in the body and can help. Further, a man may choose to get tested and corrected for Low T & that’s all very well and good. But what about the STRUCTURE of your “apparatus” fellas? Med’s don’t address the “brick & mortar” of your bait and tackle and hormones – like Testosterone – don’t repair THAT area directly. Structures need a CONSTRUCTION crew… a part of your body’s construction crew is the Growth Factors commonly found in Platelet Rich Plasma – like and as found when you get the P-Shot.

What could we do about that structural integrity, much less REPAIRING your machine in the “Yellow Pages, Snail Mail” years of the last century… or ever? Not much. It appears with increasing clarity that wave after wave of common environmental exposures such as needed pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals in the food supply and environmental toxins…. like sugar, are attacking Men from all angles. Survival of the fittest requires a man seek those ways and means to crush your enemy… Cold, cruel, heartless? Maybe so, but so is that “invisible” war being waged against you and your fellow Man.

Today, when you want to fight back against the avalanche of those effeminate poisons in your environment – those venomous strategies and signals seeking to turn you into the next “also-ran,” the next “Stuart Smalley” or worse… the next “victim” of circumstance, stop. First realize that whether you like it or not, War IS upon you buddy, a war for your Manhood. The attack has begun, you are the intended target (read: “victim”), and the battlefield for your right to continue to enjoy being a Man must be fought on multiple fronts. Chemical warfare like Viagra and Cialis can help & Testosterone may be needed – but to lay the hammer down – on this wave of sissiness sweeping America – men are choosing to “fix the flag pole” as well. Using a 21st Century strategy – like getting the P-Shot – has many men back in the saddle and ready to engage.

No longer is it sufficient to just rely on prescription medication or hormone replacement therapy alone. To WIN the day in today’s toxic world, men all over the fruited plain, from sea to shining sea are choosing “Combination Therapy.” Addressing the chemical, hormonal and STRUCTURAL components of ED – like the P-Shot – allows a person the best chance of enhancing and OPTIMIZING that CRITICALLY important part of your Life.

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