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So for the reader who has been around the planet for any significant length of time, it’s oftentimes abundantly clear what getting older feels like and quite frankly a lot of it is no fun. Now, maybe you’re one of those people who has been lead to believe that the degradation, disease, and dysfunction that go along with age are a forgone conclusion or that the slings and arrows that accompany the middle to later years of life are just an unavoidable artifact of getting older. While that may have been largely true in the 20th century, we are lucky enough to live in the dawn of the 21st where mankind has enjoyed more advancement in the first 15 years of this century than the entirety of the last. So today, in large part, the fate that befell those who came before us does not necessarily have to be true for you. Science holds the keys to optimizing a person’s healing potential, oftentimes allowing you to enjoy a higher quality and likely quantity of life. Today, many of yester-years diseases & dysfunction are now absurdly easier to treat than in times past. In many cases, when a person is willing to do the work and correct the underlying issues, the creaking, cracking and inconvenient crepitice of aging can oftentimes be corrected.


First of all, realize that today, “aging” itself has been classified as a disease… a treatable disease. And, as with any Medical condition, a person should get a thorough medical evaluation complete with appropriate labs and diagnostics. Over 70 percent of all clinical decisions are based on measurable lab values and a person allowing themselves the luxury of really finding out where your starting from is priceless. After receiving the results of labs, diagnostics & evaluations & providing an indication exist and ruling out any inhibiting medical conditions – a treatment plan will follow and when you so chose a person can begin receiving treatment.


Believe it or not, states of so called “absolutes” in science are elusive at best and in the case of medicine and health care that is even more true. That’s why when a person can make the decision to join one of our programs and start to treat those symptoms of aging, using modern, safe, efficacious and proven medical strategies a person can find that they not only enjoy the benefits of a thorough initial evaluation, but in addition, regular follow up evals are often recommended & scheduled. It’s in those follow-ups where a person can really get your anti aging treatment dialed in.


Tough one to answer… It’s true, as people – we all have common denominators and by extension common wants, needs and desires, even medically. But… YOUR particular wants needs and desires can differ greatly from even that of your identical genetic twin and therefore a tailored, customized and individualized PROGRAM is usually what’s most indicated, not just a “treatment.” So when the problems of aging start to arise, we recommend a person come in & get evaluated for a tailored anti aging program so that you can really start to get on the road to your getting those missing parts of your life back. Now…after you get into a program and really get it dialed in to your particular needs, it’s time to get down to the brass tacks: what caused these completely unnecessary medical conditions and symptoms of aging in the first place? Just the passage of time? Not likely…AND more importantly, what is it going to take to correct the causes & contributors of aging? Believe it or not, oftentimes diet plays a key role & learning how a person can modulate your diet and eat and drink in a way that is corrective first, supportive second and ultimately… optimizing is itself key. As you’re zeroing in on those dietary & supplemental modifications, realize that there are still more ‘bio-hacks” we can take advantage of – bio hacks like Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).


Bio-hacking is a modern day term for evidence based self improvement using a systems-thinking approach to our own biology. Bio-hacking employees MEASURABLE metrics (like blood work) so that a person can establish base-line function (or dysfunction) and target your optimization strategy and goals. In the case of aging, one of the most well established mechanisms for bio-hacking is hormone measurement and subsequent corrective modulation via well established, safe and efficacious use of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in conjunction with a rational & tailored overall treatment plan and program. Typically people suffering needlessly, prematurely or over intensely the symptoms of aging have aberrations in their hormone profile.

Getting Started…

As with any Medical condition, a person should get a thorough medical evaluation complete with appropriate lab’s and diagnostics. Today, at Revolution Medical Weight Loss & Wellness getting started is as easy as scheduling your easy access, no obligation, free consultation & see if you are eligible for corrective care for this and other related health concerns.