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Dr. David Chessman – Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. David Chessman
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. David Chessman is a graduate of the West Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine & is licensed to practice in the state of Florida as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine under the auspices of Chapter 459 of the Florida Statute & Division 64B15 of the Florida Administrative Code & has over 34 years experience in health care. Dr. Chessman has served as the Dean of Medicine at both the Florida College of Integrative Medicine as well as the former Lane College of Integrative Medicine & Dr. Chessman has been actively involved in the practice of Integrative Medicine (multidisciplinary medical practice) for a large part of his career. Dr. Chessman has owned & operated various conventional medical practices spanning the gamut from Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Addiction and Detoxification & Anti-Aging allowing those patients to enjoy the latest in broad spectrum cutting-edge health care. As such Dr. Chessman actively follows the guidelines of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), that body of physicians & scientist’s dedicated to helping you stay on top of the cutting edge developments & discoveries in Rejuvenative Medicine & allowing a person to optimize your mental, physical, athletic, health & performance. Now, in conjunction with Revolution medical, weight loss & wellness – Dr. Chessman is proud to share with you their innovative tips, tools & techniques that a person can use as you seek to enhance human performance, maximize your results & achieve your goals!